In store payments acceptance solutions

Ecommerce Mandatory Data - Instructions

Authorized Nexi Croatia points of sale must contain the prescribed mandatory data and enable customers to opt out of participating in marketing campaigns or sharing personal data with third parties.

The points of sale must specify:

  • an accurate description of the goods and services offered, indicating the price and information on the personalization thereof, including the currency of the transaction (euro) and information on conversion, if the prices are denominated in a foreign currency;
  • accurate company / sole proprietor information (name, address, OIB (PIN), telephone number, e-mail address, country in which the point of sale is located) including the name and registered office of the merchant in whose name and/or on whose behalf it is acting, which can be reached by the consumer for additional information and in case of claims or complaints;
  • payment terms, method of resolving claims and complaints;
  • the costs of using distance communication for the purpose of concluding a contract, if these costs are not charged at the base rate;
  • a description of the method of delivery, the conditions of delivery of the goods or provision of the service, the time of delivery of the goods or provision of the service and, if any, a statement of known export restrictions, customs regulations and any other relevant provisions;
  • where there is a possibility of unilateral termination of the contract: conditions, time limits, form and procedure for exercising the right to unilateral termination of the contract, as well as the duty of the consumer to bear the costs of returning the goods / a reasonable part of the price if they exercise their right to unilateral termination and in cases where this right is excluded;
  • liability for material defects and the warranty conditions provided with the product or service;
  • services or assistance offered to the consumer after the sale, if any;
  • the existence of appropriate code of conduct of the merchant;
  • the duration of the contract concluded for a fixed period, or the conditions of cancellation or termination of the contract concluded for an indefinite period, as well as the minimum period within which the consumer is bound by the contract, if any;
  • a deposit or other financial security which the consumer is obliged to pay or obtain at the request of the merchant;
  • the functionality, compatibility and interoperability of goods with digital elements, digital content and digital services;
  • the out-of-court dispute resolution mechanism, i.e. the remedies system, and how they can be used by the consumer;
  • a description of the manner of protection of confidential data and a statement on the protection and collection of personal data and their use.