In store payments acceptance solutions

Customer Loyalty Programs

We support customized and flexible loyalty solutions, programs that are highly compelling and deliver tangible value.

Our team is experienced in the most innovative loyalty programs.

Having experienced both smart card issuing and smart loyalty programs, we will help you increase your transaction efficiency and stimulate spending, while decreasing costs due to human error, magnetic stripe failure or fraud.

    Increasing transaction effectiveness and stimulating spending
    Decreasing costs due to human error, magnetic stripe failure or fraud
    Activating card use in the early stages of engagement
    Building deeper customer relationships and long-term loyalty

Cash-back solutions support the accumulation towards credit to a cardholder account. Lotteries can be supported as occasional, single campaigns, whereas a certain amount of spending accumulated within a defined period will earn the customer a lottery ticket.

A points-based system allows earning points and their redemption for rewards or credit towards the card account for the payment of membership fees. It also allows bonus points to be earned or assigned to the account in a one-time campaign.

Airline miles accrual allows earning and transfer of airline miles towards an airline program.

Flexible and appealing marketing campaigns that can be set up based on various criteria will additionally enhance your loyalty programs.