In store payments acceptance solutions

Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting Tools

We can produce a set of card business reports customized to your business needs, enabling you to analyse and anticipate its trends.

Our reports will enable you to predict the trends in your card business.

We can offer easy‑to‑use reporting tools, which allow you to access data that is current, comprehensive, easily shared and available whenever you need it.

    A better understanding of risks and opportunities
    Reducing costs and improving efficiency
    Emphasizing the link between financial and non-financial performance
    Influencing long-term management strategy and business plans
    Improving image and brand loyalty

We provide our customers with mandatory reports requested by all major card schemes, such as:

  • Monthly American Express GNS report
  • Quarterly MasterCard reports
  • Quarterly Visa reports.

We can also support reports for local financial authorities (central banks, financial agencies).

In order to ensure the high‑quality information presented, we cooperate directly with card schemes in defining business dictionaries for each data label presented in the reports.

We can also provide you with customized reports focused on:

  • Key card metric development overview
  • Benchmarking (Performance measures compared to the product/industry category), particularly on acquiring business (Spending share, Share of wallet, Territorial attractivity vs. Spending share, Recency, frequency and monetary description of customer base)
  • Socio-demographic data analysis
  • Geomarketing.

In all cases, the level of detail presented in the reports depends on the level of processing services provided to a particular customer.