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Leverage of our service and make it easier for your customers to pay for your products and services — online with cards.

We enable fast and secure acceptance and authorization of credit cards, and you can find out exactly what this includes below.

One-off payment for all credit and debit American Express, Mastercard, VISA, Maestro cards from all over the world

Instalment payment without interest for customers, 2-36 instalments, for all Premium Visa cards by PBZ Card d.o.o., all Visa Inspire cards issued by Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

Special acceptance models: virtual POS, Reccuring payments, Payment plan, Card on File payments, In App payments, Pay by Link, Pay by Offer, etc.*

Special system integrations: acceptance integration with partner CRM systems (hotels, agencies, retail chains), standing orders (direct debits), tokenization and integration with global booking systems, etc.*
* Special acceptance and integration models shall be considered separately on a case-by-case basis and applied only with the prior consent of Nexi Croatia.

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3D Secure program


Mastercard Check ID


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Prerequisites for cooperation 

The following conditions must be met for an online point of sale:

  • be a legal person, company or natural person (sole proprietor) registered for the activity performed in the Republic of Croatia
  • have an active website (webshop) through which to perform online acceptance of credit cards

The online point of sale must have the following information on the website of its online point of sale (webshop) as an authorized Nexi Croatia online point of sale:

  • full name of the company, OIB (PIN), registered office, full address of the point of sale of the Contracting Party, including the name of the country in which it is located, telephone number and e-mail address which can be reached by the consumer for additional information and in case of claims;
  • the name and registered office of the merchant in whose name and/or on whose behalf it is acting;
  • the exact name and main characteristics of the products and/or services offered, the retail price of the product and/or service including all tax and other charges and the currency of payment (euro) as well as information on price personalisation;
  • the methods and conditions of payment and the exact description of the method and date of delivery of the product or the provision of the service and how to address consumer complaints;
  • the costs of using distance communication for the purpose of concluding a contract, if these costs are not charged at the base rate;
  • the costs of delivery of the product and a statement of known export restrictions, customs regulations and any other relevant provisions, if applicable;
  • services offered after the sale (servicing and sale of replacement parts), liability for material defects, warranty conditions provided with the product or service, the right of the buyer to terminate the contract under Article 44 of the Consumer Protection Act and within the deadline for termination, as well as the termination form, situations under which the buyer's right to terminate the contract is excluded, and the terms of claims or refunds of money and/or goods;
  • a description of the manner of protection of confidential data;
  • the duration of a contract concluded for a fixed period, or the conditions of cancellation or termination of a contract concluded for an indefinite period, as well as the minimum period within which the consumer is bound by the contract, if any;
  • the existence of appropriate code of conduct;
  • a deposit or other financial security which the consumer is obliged to pay or obtain at the request of the merchant;
  • the functionality, compatibility and interoperability of goods with digital elements, digital content and digital services;
  • a statement on the protection and collection of personal data and their use. The online point of sale must enable customers to opt out of participating in marketing campaigns or providing personal data for use to third parties;
  • if the prices at the website of the online point of sale are to be expressed both in euros and in a foreign currency, an appropriate statement of conversion must be provided;
  • the out-of-court dispute resolution mechanism, i.e. the remedies system, and how they can be used by the consumer.

The online point of sale must provide the above requested data, because without them it will not be possible to contract and activate the acceptance of credit cards.


Contracting process

In order to use the American Express®, Mastercard®, Maestro® and Visa card acceptance services, you are required to sign a Card-based Payment Transaction Acceptance Contract with Nexi Croatia.

① Required documentation

In addition to the Contract, copies of additional documentation must be prepared.

  • For companies
    • copy of the excerpt from the Court Register of Companies in the Republic of Croatia not older than 3 (three) months
    • signature card, i.e. a document unambiguously confirming the transaction account (IBAN) of the legal and authorized person to which the account is registered
    • copy of the notice on the classification of the business entity according to the NKD (National Classification of Activities)
    • up-to-date constituent act of the company
    • completed, signed and certified Questionnaire for Business Entities (acceptance of cards – KYC form)
    • the documentation on the ownership and controlling structure of the customer and data on the beneficial owner of the customer
    • copy of the identity card/passport of the authorized person and ultimate beneficial owner (if requested).
  • For sole proprietors
    • extract from the central crafts register (obrtnica)
    • JMBG/OIB (PIN) of the business owner
    • open giro account contract
    • completed, signed and certified Questionnaire for Business Entities (acceptance of cards – KYC form),
    • copy of the identity card/passport of the business owner

② Provider contacts

Before signing the Contract, you should select and contract one of the Payment Service Providers that Nexi Croatia cooperates with as your Payment gateway service provider.Authorized service providers

③ Signing the contract with Nexi Croatia

The process of contracting cards acceptance or signing a Card-based Payment Transaction consists of three steps: IPG provider sending the test page link, required web page content check and KYC underwriting. (For the complete list of the required data for web page content check and KYC, please refer to our web page).

The contract is concluded upon the completion of the KYC underwriting and distribution of the parameters for the activation to the respective IPG provider.