In store payments acceptance solutions

Fraud Detection System

We can offer you a superior fraud management product: Lynx Fraud Management System for detecting payment card fraud.

You can perform highly automated screenings of incoming transactions and flag suspicious transactions.

Our solution provides near real‑time access to the critical information necessary to combat payment card fraud by detecting it earlier and reducing connected losses.

    Reduces losses for banks caused by frauds ensuring early fraud detection and fewer false positive fraudulent transaction alerts
    Improves operational effectiveness through added-value functionalities
    Reduces the cost of electronic refunds and write-offs
    Enhanced user experience at the moment fraudulent transactions are detected

Taking the advantage of well-known Drools environment Lynx Administrator application enables the creation of rules based on which transaction alerts are generated, as well as shown and viewed in the Case Manager application

The application allows for a quick reaction in case possible attacks and frauds are detected and applies various risk parameters based on corporate policies and guidelines, external regulations or analysis of historical or big data.

Features are:

  • Possibility of creating an “unlimited” number of rules and lists
  • Rule changes are immediately propagated in the production environment
  • Different types of rules: individual and cumulative, comparison of two transactions, list checking, first pattern detection monitoring… and all combinations
  • Enables creation of the Online plus rule, which blocks the card after a suspicious transaction alert is generated.

Lynx Manager is a web application that offers a large number of information allowing analysts to prioritize cases and process them in the shortest possible period.

Features are:

  • Highly automated and sophisticated fraud monitoring
  • Fraud detection is supported by data mining techniques and predictive models
  • Fraud notification services (SMS, email) functionality for quicker cardholder contacting
  • Creation of special lists for allowing or blocking transactions.

Our solution is designed to increase efficiency through additional functionalities and services:

  • Fraud monitoring support (24/7)
  • Fraud diagnostic
  • Fraud consultancy and training
  • Fraud specialist for after-hours emergencies.