In store payments acceptance solutions

Card acquiring benefits

Choose a simpler and more profitable payment option to better suit your customers' needs. Our business partners are offered the most favourable business conditions for accepting American Express, Mastercard, UnionPay International and Visa International cards.


Best deferred payment options for buyers

We know it's essential to have several payment options to optimize our customers' buying experience.
That's why we've enabled various forms of payment. With this selection of options, cardholders can easily purchase whatever they want and receive the most favourable financing models.

Instalment payments without interest and fees and consumer loans will improve your business offer and increase customer spending.

  • Instalment payment without interest and fees:
    • for users of Premium Visa cards issued by PBZ Card
    • for current account PBZ Visa Inspire card users


  • PBZ consumer loans with repayment via PBZ Card Premium Visa cards:
    • for personal card users from 24 to 60 instalments
    • for business card users from 3 to 24 instalments.


*As of July 1, 2021, the use of consumer loans of Privredna banka Zagreb d.d. has been temporarily suspended with repayment via Premium Visa personal cards. Learn more at the  link.

Card acceptance


Higher quality, simple and profitable

By constantly expanding the offer of programs and services, we are continually improving the card business and increasing the number of users. Just as importantly, we offer a variety of technical solutions that can ease your everyday operations and bring savings.

  • Business Account - an online service that enables insight into business data and card transactions of all points of sale using American Express, Maestro, Mastercard, UnionPay International and Visa cards
  • LAN (network) solutions for large centers
  • application for connecting the POS terminal with the cash register at the point of sale
  • contactless payment
  • payment via virtual POS for private renters
  • DCC (dynamic currency conversion)
  • special integrations (payments through mobile applications, integrations and reporting through Web Services, integration with CRM and booking systems, etc.)
  • compensation of expenses from the turnover of the point of sale for users of Visa Business Gold/Platinum Business cards
  • access to the highest quality base of credit and debit card users in joint marketing campaigns.
Card acceptance