Payment Cards

Issuer Authorization Service

We are using an authorization system providing you with the possibility to benefit from industry‑standard software, created to suit specific client needs.

Our system is designed to be robust and reliable, yet provide maximum flexibility.

We adhere to security requirements; EMV compliance, fraud detection and stand‑in processing without service disruption in cases when partner systems are out of service.

Issuer Authorization Service
    Revenue growth
    Customer satisfaction
    Risk-minimizing operations
    Reducing costs and improving efficiency

All authorization requests can be handled through different channels, like electronic channels for different networks (American Express, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, proprietary networks etc., including switching/routing to other issuer and acquirer institutions), voice authorizations (both IVR and handled by an operator), offline batch authorizations etc.

Authorizations can be routed to the partner’s host systems as well, in case the partner has the business logic and parameters already set up.

Data required for authorization processing can be updated in near real-time or on a daily basis. Each authorization can be reviewed at a later time in an easy and simple way, using different single or multiple search parameters.

We can provide you with many other features:

  • Security features (EMV compliance, stand-in processing without service disruption in cases when partner systems are out of service)
  • Full transaction reporting, reconciliation and settlement
  • Transaction lifecycle management and history
  • Chargeback processing
  • Fraud detection and reporting
  • m-commerce and e-commerce support
  • Connection to partners’ accounting systems for transfer of requested accounting data.