In store payments acceptance solutions

Ecommerce solution for banks and financial institutions

Our e‑commerce solution enables you to provide your customers with a secure and satisfying online shopping experience.

Creating an e‑commerce network nowadays is more than widening the geographic coverage.

The platform is based on 3D secure technology respecting the highest standards set by Mastercard and VISA, where cardholders need to perform additional identification by using a one‑time password.

    Retaining and increasing customer base, margins and total revenues, as well as achieving new card acquiring merchant acquisitions
    Enabling banks to manage thousands of online merchants and their associated virtual POS
    Extended application of new technologies and improved bank image as a technological leader

Our e‑commerce payment solution provides a complete e‑commerce acquiring service with standard features (purchase, pre-authorization/pre‑authorization completion, refund, reversal, AAV check), as well as with following advanced features:

  • Instalment payment
  • Recurring transaction
  • Multicurrency
  • E-Mail notification
  • Quick check-out service.

Our solution supports all American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Diners cards and enables the mobile payment service in compliance with the most stringent security standards (3-D Secure, PCI DSS).

In addition to standard and advanced features, we provide a wide range of value-added services, giving our partners the possibility to make a business more convenient, accessible, affordable and better equipped to help its customers.

Our system provides support for:

  • Authorization, clearing, reconciliation and settlement services
  • Switching/routing of all the transactions.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we can also provide chargeback processing, tokenization, merchant support, payment page hosting for HPP Merchants, SW Development, risk rule management and online fraud rule monitoring.